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2013 Fall Dining Guide : Editorial Review

Tom Sietsema – October 2013

Part Thai, part Vietnamese, Doi Moi is pure pleasure. Restaurateur Mark Kuller (Proof, Estadio) and chef Haidar Karoum took a shopping trip to Southeast Asia last year, looking for ideas for their latest and possibly greatest place to graze thus far. They returned with colorful trinkets for the all-white dining room and flavors that some foodists compare to the 3½-star Little Serow “without the wait.” MORE

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Birth Announcements: November 2013

Juliet Glass – November 2013

For their third venue, owner Mark Kuller and chef/partner Haidar Karoum (the team behind Proof and Estadio), go the Southeast Asian route with the 135 seat Doi Moi (“new change” in Vietnamese) and its subterranean bar, 2 birds 1 stone, at 1800 14th Street NW. The restaurant spans two buildings—one historic and one new—and feels light and airy, thanks to creamy white walls, a full glass façade looking onto the bustling street, and wide-plank oak floors. MORE

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For millennials, food isn’t just food. It’s community.

Tim Carman – October 2013

Mark Kuller is no millennial. He’s the 60-year-old owner behind Proof and Estadio. Two years ago, Kuller took a trip out West to scout a few eateries. On the same night in Los Angeles, he stopped at Lukshon, chef Sang Yoon’s striking temple to modern Asian cooking, and A-Frame, chef Roy Choi’s ultra-casual restaurant with unfinished picnic tables. Yoon’s place was dead; Choi’s was packed with 20-somethings well past 11 p.m. Kuller knew right then that his next restaurant, the Thai- and Vietnamese-accented Doi Moi, would need to split the difference between the two L.A. operations to attract both the Capitol Hill and 14th Street types. MORE