Inspired by the cuisine of Thailand & Vietnam, Doi Moi celebrates the vibrant flavors of this great food region.

Welcome to doi moi, a bustling, energetic restaurant serving Southeast Asian cuisine in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC. Doi moi pays tribute to the culinary traditions and regional dishes found throughout Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand and Vietnam.

The extensive wine list at doi moi features styles and labels from around the world, each one carefully chosen to complement the restaurant’s cuisine. The beverage program also includes a concise cocktail menu of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks incorporating Asian ingredients and flavors and an outstanding selection of complementary beers.

Doi moi, which literally means “new changes,” is typically used to denote renovation, renewal or reconstruction. It also was the term used to describe a series of “open door” economic and social policies introduced in Vietnam in 1986. The name is particularly fitting given the renewal of the Logan Circle neighborhood, the renovation of the historic building in which doi moi is housed, and the open door nature of hospitality.